The Secret Is In The Ingredients

What Goes Into A Bottle Of Kind Juice


If you’ve ever used one of those raw ingredient soaps, you’ll know what we’re on about. They don’t have much in the way of packaging. They don’t have much in the way of ingredients. But when your hands feel noticeably softer after, you 100% know that pure and natural ingredients were behind it.


“Suspect chemicals and synthetic sweeteners are the vaping equivalents of mass-produced soaps. You know the ones. With a list of ingredients as long as your arm…”


Here is what goes into a bottle of Kind Juice- from start to finish. It’s a long journey, but we think it’s worth it.

    • It all starts with the world’s most unusual meeting. At Kind Juice, we aren’t discussing the speed of conveyor belts. How quickly we can churn out juice isn’t our priority. You’ll find us on the phone to small American farmers. For Once In A Blue Moon, we’re planning a visit in time for the season’s first wild blueberry harvest. For Sultan’s Empire, we’re checking the sun-cured progress of the Izmir Turkish Oriental tobacco leaf.
  • It continues with all the time it needs. A rich and full-bodied flavor doesn’t build itself. If you’ve vaped mass-produced bubblegum juices, you’ll recognize that artificial taste. How quickly those are churned out, we don’t know. Kind Juice? Tobacco Ridge Journey is called a journey for a reason. 4 month-aged, 2-month brewed, triple-filtered, and steeped until it’s perfect, you’re looking at Naturally Extracted Tobacco that underwent hand-crafted cold extraction (before being bottled with a warm heart).
  • Here are all the things we refuse to use. When you buy organic, free-range eggs, you notice how the yolks are a brighter yellow (and the taste…well, it actually exists). Flavor is hugely important in vaping. It’s also something that is easily compromised by GMOs, preservatives, artificial flavors, and synthetic sweeteners. We stand at a firm “no” with these. You’ll also never find a single molecule of gluten, dairy, or sugar in Kind Juice. Most importantly, Kind Juice is 100% natural and 100% PG-free.


Ingredients That Are Kind, Flavor That’s Re-Defined

We’ll admit, we’re pretty humble. We get far more joy from the gentle breeze of a windswept field than a lab full of chemicals. An honest, hard day’s work harvesting fruits reminds us precisely why we started out, and your reviews are proving that we chose right.


“When I decided to quit smoking and started vaping, I tried and bought lots of tobacco juices. “Pure” tobacco juices, tobacco juices mixed with other flavors etc. You get the idea. Then I tried Highway 66. Be happy you have found it”– Tiaga’s review


“I was using another company’s PG/VG mix. I started to get a lot of, well, phlegm. Since switching to Kind Juice, that has gone away. My body is worth it.”– Debra’s review


Balancing flavors is an art. Tasting them is an experience. If you’re a vaper, Kind Juice is the best experience you can have. Why? Because an artisan craft is something that is learned, earned, and never mass-churned.

A Window Into Our Award-Winning Flavors

At Kind Juice, our 32 flavors span three ranges: E-Nectars, Sub Element Gels, and Tobacco Ridge. If you’re straight-up done vaping stuff that tastes like dollar store soda, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Custard’s Last StandThis is our creamiest flavor. It carefully blends rich butterscotch crême brulée with an indulgent caramel cognac glaze topping. Neither flavor is overpowering. It’s subtle, smooth, sweet, and spot-on.
  • The Lazy IguanaFor a truly tropical taste, this flavor blends vine-ripe strawberries, thirst-quenching kiwifruit, and tangy guava. Those relaxing bike rides through Key West’s island streets inspired us, although you get to be the lazy lizard looking down on them here.
  • Pirate’s GoldA rare treasure for the taste buds. This flavor dunks delicious banana walnut bread in perfectly aged Caribbean rum. Unlike eating it, Pirate’s Gold brings you the taste 100% gluten, sugar, and alcohol-free.
  • VirtuousPatience is a virtue. It’s one that we used when perfectly crafting the ratio of Moscato Champagne, rich figs, and white chocolate to create one of the most sophisticated flavor bodies you’ll find in a vape juice.
  • LucidityA coconut flavor that isn’t fully smooth just isn’t worth it. Lucidity takes rich coconut cream with a lime twist before adding a touch of mint to lift the profile. The result is exquisite- and no, you aren’t dreaming.
  • Liberty BellYou know that amazing scent you get before even opening a box of quality liqueur chocolates? It’s the same deal with Liberty Bell. Whole-leaf American and air-cured Burley tobacco here are hand-harvested before the addition of dark coffee, cocoa, and a perfect black cherry finish.
  • Sweet CarolinaThe ‘ole US of A, right? Reminiscent of sweet Carolina, this NET flavor takes flue-cured tobacco and enhances the rich taste with orange blossom and natural honeycomb. You close your eyes, and you’re in the South.

Why Kind Is Good

It can take a minute or two. Stepping back, remembering that you’ve quit mankind’s biggest killer, then realizing- what’s the point in quitting smoking only to replace it with artificial chemicals?  

It just makes sense. Turning away from PG. Avoiding those deleted, edited genes that make up GMOs. Take instead a body that is full of life. Open your arms, face the sun and feel all the beauty of nature. That’s Kind Juice, by the drop.

Stay Kind. Vape Kind Juice. And Remember, It Isn’t Good Until It’s Kind.

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