Lab Results: Smoking vs Vaping

Trying to quit smoking for the new year? Try vaping says the UK government advisory body!

Public Health England has launched a campaign video showing the dangers of traditional cigarettes, and has carried out an experiment demonstrating how e-cigarettes are much less harmful.

It’s hard to believe that the United States is so far behind the UK when it comes to public health, but we are! Manufacturers have been limited to the same flavors they had since 2016 and no new flavors may be brought to market. This means that all of those new trendy brands you have seen are illegal and probably doing more harm than good for the industry.

Even with the increased scrutiny on vaping, the FDA has yet to admit that they may be safer than combustion smoking. So we have no choice but to look forward to what other countries are doing to end combustion nicotine in their countries.

What is the FDA hiding? What are the real facts? Check out this incredible video by BBC for the truth about vaping vs smoking!

In this video they compare 1 month of smoking to 1 month of vaping. As a control, they also compare one month of breathing normal clean air. It becomes easy to see why the UK has released many public health statements urging people to vape instead of smoke.

Most people think it is the Nicotine that causes the damage, but it is actually the tar that does the most harm to lungs according to this video. Tar is caused mostly by the combustion or smoke. Once you remove the combustion, you reduce most of the risk.

Finally, once all the combustion is removed, the only thing left to question are the purity of the ingredients being vaporized. That is where Kind Juice comes to mind. If you are quitting smoking to have a cleaner and more refreshing lifestyle, Kind Juice is the obvious choice for you.