Answer for What is Diacetyl and where does it come from? Do any of your flavors contain this compound?

Our liquids do not contain any added synthetic diacetyl.

Naturally occurring diacetyl (non-synthetic form) is an organic compound that arises naturally as a by-product from the fermentation process of many foods, fruits, and vegetables. This compound can be found in beverages such as butter, kombucha, wine, beer, and cultured foods.

Much like most of mother natures compounds diacetyl was chemically synthesized and manufactured for use in the artificial food and flavor industry where it was added with other ingredients and labeled as Natural and Artificial Flavorings. Its most common application to date was as a micronized powdered seasoning for the popcorn industry used to produce and impart a buttery flavor. The term “popcorn lung” was coined from 1992-2000 when several factory workers at Glister-Mary Lee popcorn plant in Jasper, MO were exposed to high levels of artificial diacetyl in the form of micronized powder and developed a chronic lung disease called Bronchiolitis Obliterans or AKA “Popcorn Lung”. The negative press surrounding this compound has led many companies to find substitutes which have yet to be proven better than the former, causing a cycle of misinformation and fear.

Thankfully due to the fact that we do not use any artificial flavors, our liquids do not contain any added synthetic diacetyl. Since naturally occurring diacetyl is a by-product of the fermentation process, it is possible that a very small trace amount may be detected in some flavors however, we always monitor and test all our products to ensure optimum quality and performance.