Answer for Hi. Does your juice benefit from steeping? If so, what do you recommend? Many thanks.

Hello and thank you for this great question, we steep them prior to shipping to you but if it seems a bit throaty, letting it breath over night usually is all it needs. 

Steeping is a very important process and one of the final steps our E-liquids undergo before being bottled. This three stage process takes place over a minimum period of 10 days and allows for the liquids to fully blend and mature. This stage of manufacturing allows our Nectars to be enjoyed by most directly from the bottle without any additional steeping required.

Subsequently, our Nectars being full flavored and much like a fine bottle of wine really benefit from a short period of aeration after opening. This period which allows for further ventilation can help soften flavor notes and release aromas. This can be best achieved by removing the cap and placing the bottle in a secure location for up to 24 hours. In most cases this is a sufficient amount of time however taste is subjective and therefore more time may be allowed if needed according to the individuals taste.

I personally have found myself filling a tank up and leaving it over night to saturate the coils and allow the juice to open up, thus not needing to worry about keeping an open bottle in my medicine cabinet. 
Hope this information helps, thank you for taking the time to post to our Q&A and helping to make us better in return! Have a KIND one!