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For fans of organic vape juice, Kind Juice is the authority, the #1 brand that people look to for purity, and 100% organic ingredients. While there are a few organic brands left in the community of eliquid creators, they ‘pale’ in comparison.

Why is that? Because some, not all, combine organic and artificial ingredients in order to appeal to Vapers that want to vape organic, but they want their vape juice to taste similar to their artificial favorites. Kind Juice is committed to 100% organic, and they just won’t compromise.

Kindjuice is an ejuice company for those vapers that always read labels and really care about ingredients, those with an adventurous palate (though Kindjuice doesn’t only sell exotic flavors), and especially for those creative types. Everything about Kindjuice seems to reach out to the picky, persnickety and finicky. If you’ve got high standards, Kindjuice can match you. If you just want to taste something special, Kindjuice has that too.

Kind Juice Vape Juice Review with Danielle and TiaVapes

Tia Vapes Reviews

If there was ever an e-juice that EVERYONE can get behind, it might be these guys. One of the few vendors who has removed any and all negative chemicals and produce a one-of-a-kind style vape juice, Kind Juice is among the top. Definitely not the cheapest ejuice out there but when it comes to quality it really doesn’t get any better than this!

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For a majority of vapers, organic e-liquid is unquestionably the way to go.

Irrespective as to whether organic flavors normally mean PG-free formulas or simply because organic flavors taste better, Kind Juice products are undoubtedly one of the best premium organic e juice in the market.

If you are looking for an e juice that is not only full of intrigue and punch but is also rich in flavor, then you should try any of the products by Kind Juice.

Best Clearomizer

“Winter’s Harvest is one of the finest ever created”

Early Crop American Burley tobacco with menthol. Rich tobacco flavor that patches itself with a cooling effect on both the inhale and exhale. As a former menthol smoker, I never quite found a flavor profile that hit that experience quite on the nose and years later come to taste Winter’s Harvest, the experience with this one brought back many a memory of those times. Winter’s Harvest isn’t just a tobacco and menthol mix, it’s one of the finest ever created.  – Editors. Top 5 Award 2017.

The level of realism produced by these organic flavour extracts present in the juices is simply incredible, these both smell and taste pretty much just like the real thing itself. Even though these are 100% VG liquids, these are definitely not short on flavour at all, there’s loads of full on tasty flavour in abundance from these juices, not to mention the phenomenal cloudage and amazingly smooth vape that a 100% VG juice is able to provide.

The Kind Juice range is a highly impressive ethical and organic range of juices that I can wholeheartedly recommend!

Best Clearomizer

The product performs incredibly well, producing huge clouds and a very clean, smooth taste with minimal difficulty. It also has a longer shelf life than many of its competitors. Furthermore, the lack of artificial chemicals lends the product a pure flavor, especially where its Route 66 flavor is concerned.

While many vapers are partial to their chosen brand of ejuice, Kind Juice’s unprecedented dedication to an organic product is something everyone should be able to get behind. The company takes pride in removing many of the harmful chemicals hiding in their competitors’ products, ensuring that their customers get a good value even if they are not the cheapest option on the market. Put simply, Kind Juice offers the best vape juice on the market today. Try them today to take your vaping experience to a whole new level!

Kind Juice Vape Juice Review with
Vape Don’t Smoke

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Kind juice are the most organic e liquid manufacturer on the market. Their entire ethos is to produce all natural vape juice with minimal harm done to the environment in the process. If your main concern when buying e liquid is eco friendliness and being as organic as possible – these are the guys you should be looking at.

Without a doubt, Kind Juice are the only 100% truly organic e juice vendor. While there are some other “Very nearly, almost organic e liquid brands”, they all fail one of our organic requirements in some shape or form.

These guys are leaps and bounds above the majority of vape juice makers today thanks to their incredible dedication to producing the freshest and cleanest e-juice we have every tried!

When it comes to e-liquid flavors -especially natural flavors – kind juice is the one, and the only vendor dominates the organic e-juice world for vapes.

eJuice Connoisseur

As much of a fan as I am of vanilla flavored vapes, this has to be one of the top.  The melody of vanilla flavors is not something you will find elsewhere, and it was quite surprising to me as well.  Would I purchase this again?  You better believe it!

Best Organic E Juice 2018

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Vanilla Bean has a hit out on our taste buds and luckily it’s not a real contract because if it was, we’d be dead in the water! High Caliber E-Liquid’s signature vanilla flavor puts a whole new perspective on just how delicious an eLiquid can be and performs in a way that few vanillas before it have ever impacted us. Sit back and enjoy, because we can tell you right off of the bat, this is one of the best eJuice reviews we’ve ever had the pleasure of doing!

2018 Best Vape Juice

The organic and all-natural approach that Kind Juice are taking to eliquids is not something that you see very often, and is definitely a welcome change. After vaping the e-nectars from Kind Juice, you can taste that there is a noticeable difference between artificial and natural eliquids, and the smoothness and taste of these two flavors is great.

The only downside to Kind Juice is their pricing, as they are quite a bit more expensive when compared to your typical bottle of ejuice in the same size. However, keep in mind that premium organic and all-natural ingredients aren’t cheap or easy to source, and having tried their juices, we would say that their pricing is justified. Premium packaging, natural ingredients, and amazing flavor don’t come cheap.

Once In A Blue Moon is a flavor that we think anyone will enjoy, even if they aren’t a fan of fruity flavors, while Custard’s Last Stand will definitely be hit with dessert lovers. Additionally, if you’re someone with a PG allergy, Kind Juice’s E-Nectars will be perfect for you as they contain zero propylene glycol. Overall, Once In A Blue Moon and Custard’s Last Stand are great eliquids and we give them a Versed Vaper Rating of A+.

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Sweet carolina Tobacco

Vape Juice Review

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Geisha Moon Song Vape Juice Review

Professor Vapes Reviews

This Tobacco by Tobacco Ridge (Kind Juice) uses only the best organic ingredients and flavour extracts to produce a rather awesome vape. Maybe one of the most authentic pipe-like tobacco vapes we have had. The mix of Dark Roasted Coffee and Black Cherries works so well together. We wish the Tobacco was dialled up just a bit more, but really the balance is pretty good. All those fine ingredients lend for a rather clean vape too. Tobacco Ridge is a line that Tobacco lovers need to check out asap.

The long of the short is that Kind juice has a lot to offer. But this review is about their new line of eNectar organic e-juice called Tobacco Ridge This round will be for three juices from the Tobacco Ridge juice line: Sultan’s Empire, Sweet Carolina, and Partiot’s Brew. Kind juice Tobacco Ridge is a great take on traditional organic tobacco but doesn’t stray far from the ordinary. If you’re looking for a staple tobacco flavor that’s safe, this is an excellent option for you. If you’re looking for a more refined blend that takes some liberties with the formula and goes above and beyond to peak your interests, you might consider another option.

Real Reviews From Real Customers

Wow! Been vaping another flavor by another company I thought was the best…I was wrong, this is so much better. Nothing but sweet peach. I can’t wait to try more.


WOW! The flavor and quality is amazing. I was buying from another company and while their flavors were okay, they were a little bland.
Key West Sunset was the first one I tried and I was blown away the wonderful flavor of it. You’ve got a new very happy customer. The Lazy iguana is my other fave right now

HeidiBlown Away!

Always 5 star for KindJuice, you can tell they truly care about their product. I’m hooked!

Cameron5 Stars

The most authentic peach flavor I have had Ever! Whoever is behind the design of Key West Sunset has set the new industry standard for which all peach flavored ejuice should be judged! This has instantly become my ADV of choice from the instant flavor to the nice throat hit, if you love peaches and think your current juice can’t be beat! I challenge you to try Kind Juice Key West Sunset!!! You will not be disappointed! Kind Juice, you guys rock!

zBeal32Flavor BOSS!

So flavorful. All of the Kind Juice flavors I have tried are great but this one takes the cake.

MichaelThe BEST Vape Juice Available

THE BEST!! Will be ordering more soon!


Sincerely one of the best flavors I’ve ever tried, I’m glad I made the switch to kind juice!

GaryVanilla bean

This is the best flavor, I can’t find anything that even comes close and everyone at Kind Juice is great to deal with.


If you like real organic vanilla ice cream that has the good stuff and not crap in it. Then this would be your choice of liquid. This is the closet thing I have had to a vanilla bean ice cream. This is my new all day vape

MattMy new all day vape

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