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asked 3 years ago

Love your product! Just purchased today locally. For 1st time. The little mean vanilla bean was number 1! And also loved the once in a blue moon. Question is do you stamp bottles with a date of bottling or a shelf life? It would not change the fact that ill purchase again and again…Just curious. I vape zero nic and cbd added for anxiety and stress. After researching, your line is the only one that is truely organic and a no b.s. product. Perfect for my needs. I wish the whole industry felt the same as you guys at kind! Cant beat natural! .. Thanks for response. And thanks for your hard work.. blessings.

1 Answers
Staff answered 3 years ago

Kind greetings! We are glad to hear you love the product. Those are some of our best flavors 🙂

We do not stamp a date on our vape juice. Unopened, they last more than a year. Once opened, you should vape within 60 days.

Stay kind!