Q&ACategory: QuestionsWhere may I purchase *Real* *Organic* Extracts for making my own juice?
asked 3 years ago

As much as I love your products, I truly cannot afford to purchase them frequently. Making my own juice would be a godsend. However I have not been able to find any organic real extracts for sale anywhere. Are there currently any for sale publicly? Or are all your extracts made in-house?

Also… Do you plan to start using Organic nicotine?

1 Answers
Staff answered 3 years ago

Kind greetings! We make many of the extract ourselves and they are not available for resale. It is very hard to find honest flavor manufacturers, they all tell you it is organic and it is not. The nicotine is the best you can buy, it is CO2 extracted and all natural. Labeling it as “organic” requires visibility into the proprietary process that the manufacturer doesn’t want for competitive reasons. If you really care about your ingredients, Kind Juice is truly the best option for you. We did all the hard work for you 🙂