Q&ACategory: QuestionsWhere can I find a full ingredient list?
Janessa Pritchett asked 4 years ago

I am wondering where to find a full ingredient list.
I am interested in Sub element flavors, but need to know if it is free of more than just animal products, dairy, and gluten. I want to know the specific botanicals used to make up the flavors I am interested in. There are so many ingredients I have to look out for that it is easier for me to see the list than to ask about each one.
I also need to know whether it is soy free. I saw that your glycerine is, but am not sure why you do not add the soy free label to the products, making me wonder if soy is used anywhere else in the process or some of the flavors.
This is my first time considering vaping because it is almost impossible to find the information of what most is made out of… Hoping this is the ticket!

1 Answers
shelly Staff answered 4 years ago

Kind Greetings!
The ingredients should be posted on each product. It looks like we didn’t publish much, but there is only a few ingredients in each flavor. If you are unclear about any of them, please email us contact@kindjuice.com and we will help!
Yes, all flavors are soy free.