Q&ACategory: QuestionsWhat are you most popular flavors across all your lines
Savas Makridis asked 3 years ago

I am new to the cape thing, but quickly I am becoming a vape snob
Please fill me in in which flavors I should order
I like a smooth tobacco juice with hints of other flavors I like a good cool methol juice too
I want to know which Tobacco Ridge flavors I should try also which mint flavor or Mojito i should try too

1 Answers
shelly Staff answered 3 years ago

Vape snob? Welcome to Kind Juice 🙂 
View our most popular here: https://www.kindjuice.com/vape-juices/most-popular-vape-juice/
My favorites are The Lazy Iguana, Lucidity, and Liberty Bell. 
Stay kind my friend 🙂