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asked 4 months ago

I am using a Kangertech Cupti vape box. I use 1.5 ohm coils with organic cotton. I usually vape at around 10.5 watts.
I purchased combo pack of Tabaco Ridge products.
I do not know if the juice is to thick but I am going threw many coils.
The liquid just stops absorbing and the coils burn.
Any ideas ?

Thank you

1 Answers
Staff answered 4 months ago

Kind greetings! Our liquids do best with a sub-ohm coil meaning under 1.0 Ohms. Your devices probably came with an extra coil that will meet the specifications of being sub-ohm. A .5ohm coil is ideal.  You can read more on our Vaping Hardware Guide here: https://www.kindjuice.com/vaping-101/vaping-hardware-guide/