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asked 1 year ago

I’ve been on the hunt for a new ejuice brand now that 6 people have passed due to an ingredient contained in ejuice. I have been smoking NAKED juice flavors ‘brain freeze and Hawaiian pog” AMAZING flavors but harmful ingredients! I found out through lab test results posted online that some juice even contain formaldehyde! Yikes! Is it true that kind juice contains kind ingredients vs the others on the market? Where can I locate the lab tests on your website? I should’ve asked this question before hand but I have seen nothing but good reviews and just ordered 3 bottles for myself of Kind Juice lol.

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Staff answered 1 year ago

Kind greetings! It’s true, we are the Kindest!
You can find our lab tests on the product page of each product or email us for a specific flavor’s lab tests!
Stay kind 🙂