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asked 2 years ago

Firstly, do you ship to the UK? If so is it free shipping?
Secondly, I’m totally new to this and I’m looking for something PEG free that I can add CBD oil to that is free of any toxic additives. Your company came up following a Google search but I’m uncertain if these products are suitable as a base for CBD oil.
Any advice you can offer is warmly welcomed.
Kind regards

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Staff answered 2 years ago

Kind greetings!

We do ship to the UK for 0mg. We also have distributors in the UK that supply it with nicotine in 10ml bottles per UK laws. Check out VapeGreen and Vape Club.

Our international shipping is free over $199 or $9.99 flat rate otherwise. Expedited shipping is available via DHL, UPS, or FedEx for additional costs.

Stay kind!