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asked 2 years ago

Hi there, love your juice but I’m not a fan of direct to lung vaping. I’m therefore trying to get it working with a MTL setup which I appreciate is not necessarily ideal. However given my predicament; my love for your product, my intolerance for PG, and the prohibitive expense of DL vaping such a premium product (due to the amount of juice used and the inability to be able to buy larger more economical bottles in the UK), do you have any advice on best ways to thin your juice? E.g water or vodka. Assuming that’s the best way for me to extract flavour out of a MTL setup? I appreciate thinning not ideal but I’ve tried MTL with lots of variations and this might be my best and only remaining option to get MTL working with pure VG!

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Staff answered 2 years ago

Kind greetings! We do not recommend thinning the liquids. There should be plenty of devices that will work with our eliquids! Please let us know what works best for you!