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asked 5 years ago

Any chance of having some Ajwain liquid in the near future…

I understand the US market is more about “sweet” than “spicy”, but I would appreciate some spicy or Ayurvedic extracts…
Just mentioning this as you are probably the most “organic”  one I know…

chasevapor replied 5 years ago

Is there a possibility that the artists there could make a blue lotus (lily) and wine flavor? Maybe pairing blue lotus extract (or flavoring) with a sweet red wine. Call it Blue Wine. I love your florals and I think this could be a hit!

shelly Staff replied 4 years ago

from – a vape juice fan! Lime, cardamom, ginger – I kind of hacked this together once and it was yummyApple and peanut butter – I used to have a source for this but, sadly, they stopped making it 🙁

kindness Staff replied 3 years ago

These are all great suggestions however due to Federal regulations our industry is prohibited from releasing new products/flavors. We would love to show everyone what we have been working on!