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asked 4 years ago

I have had ongoing stomach/GI problems from vaping. I’ve tried so-called ‘organic’ liquids and none prevent these problems. I’ve ordered some Kind Juice as a last ditch attempt at finding a liquid that doesn’t upset my stomach. I am a celiac and have a sensitive stomach with IBS as well. I’ve tried liquids that specify that they are gluten free and they make no difference. Do you know any reason why kind juice might be different/better for my gut?

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Staff answered 4 years ago

A lot of people come to Kind Juice because they are experiencing problems with their current vape juice. Usually it is a PG issue, which ours is all PG Free. Also, almost all food flavors are extracted with alcohol so you could try our Sub-Element line which is one of the only Alcohol Free vape juices, that would rule out one more ingredient. For a last ditch effort, you could try our In The Raw flavor. It is simply organic vegetable glycerin and nicotine. No flavors at all.

*note that we cannot give medical advice or suggest that our products are any less dangerous than any other vape juice. All nicotine is dangerous and addictive.