Q&ACategory: QuestionsSteeped for a day and the mouth of the bottle was full of fine crystals?!
Bunni asked 3 years ago

As a Valentines gift I was given my first vape tank and 6 of your vape juices by my partner and for the most part there were no issues until the very final bottle. There are no instructions past the post card like piece of advice saying to take the bottles, open them up and set them aside for a day with a paper or tissue to keep dust out. This was all fine and well for the first 5 bottles but the smaller menthol drops bottle was steeped for a day (just as the others were and they had no issues) and when I come to close up the bottles the mouth of this one bottle was so full of superfine crystals it blocked any sight of the juice below. I know my methods worked just fine with your other bottles so what just happened?

1 Answers
shelly Staff answered 3 years ago

Please do NOT steep the Menthol Drops. They will solidify.