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asked 2 years ago

I want to go from 12mg down to 6mg. I also want to tand advantage of the 20% off Labor Day special and purchase the 10 bottle combo pack. My worry is that I may not be happy with the lower dose and then be stuck with 10 bottles. If that were to happen, could I exchange any unopened bottles for the 12mg? 
Will you ever have a dose between 6-12mg? That’s such a big gap; an 8mg or10mgoption would be appreciated & Im sure very popular.
Thank you for your assistance. I’ve been vaping for several years and tried more brands than I can count. Kind Juice is in a league of their own. It made me realize I must have been vaping complete junk in the past. Keep up the good work! 

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Staff answered 2 years ago

Kind greetings Holli!

We appreciate your feedback and I want to let you know that our subscription members always get VIP treatment!
If you want to take advantage of a promotion and have a subscription, simply process a renewal order from your My Account section during the sale. Then email us and ask to apply your coupon. We will refund you the difference 🙂

As for returns, our products always come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Just return what you don’t like and we will credit your account for a replacement.

We used to have an 8mg but it was not very popular. We do see some people ask to split their order’s nicotine strengths, I assume for mixing.

I hope that helps! Thank you for the Kind words, we appreciate it!

Stay kind!