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asked 2 years ago

I am concerned that my coil (bvc by Aspire) wont fire your 100% vg tobacco ridge indo clove properly due to the vg being thicker…..my rig is a vape pen variable volt – Ive already purchased a 30 ml bottle from you and followed the instructions …..fired and seems to be fine…..just wanted some feedback on any experience from any purchasers etc that you fine folks may have regarding this…..LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! Another question: how does one leave a review? Thx…..Mike

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Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Mike! I am glad it worked for you, we like Aspire, they always seem to work well with our liquids. We have a hardware blog post here with more information: https://www.kindjuice.com/vaping-101/vaping-hardware-guide/

To leave a review, scroll to the bottom of the product page 🙂

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