Q&ARecommended Settings for Key West Nectar Line
asked 1 year ago

Maybe I missed something, but from what I was understanding I thought the e-nectar line was suppose to work with all vapes.
I was super excited to try this but I just can’t get it to not be so harsh! I can’t really even use it, I’ve tried recommended settings and messed with it a whole bunch and nothing has helped.
Is there any different recommended settings for an RDA,  specifically an IPV 4S by Pioneer4You? I’ve also aerated the juice.

1 Answers
Staff answered 1 year ago

Check out our hardware guide here: https://www.kindjuice.com/vaping-101/vaping-hardware-guide/
You specified your mod, not your tank. The Nectar line should work with any sub-ohm tank.
We recommend .5ohm non-mesh coil at less than 40 watts. We don’t use PG so there should be nothing harsh. My guess is that your cotton is not getting saturated and you are burning it too high.