koalaspen asked 3 years ago

Hello my name is Rebecca V. I placed an order with you and received it and i Vape for the flavor and I do have a Griffin to drip. Is my 50-50 mix OK for tank and drip.   If you look up my order you will see the order I placed, and it states on your bottle to leave it open for 24 hours without the lid does that enhance the flavor.  I started to Vaping once in a blue moon and it does taste different I ordered for flavors in the 15 mg bottles if you could just respond and give me a little bit of information I would appreciate it.
Rebecca V.

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shelly Staff answered 3 years ago

Kind greetings Rebecca,
I am not sure what you mean by 50-50 mix? Our juice is 100% VG. 
The steeping is done to let the bottle breathe. This usually fixes any complaints with any flavor and is not always necessary since we steep it for weeks before you get it. But like a fine wine, it usually benefits from some air. 🙂 

koalaspen replied 3 years ago

Thanku for getting back to me I wasn’t sure if it was 100% VG I did call Lynn and spoke to somebody and they can use the suggestion to let it air dry it on my direct and always change your coil just want to make sure we are on the same page and I look forward to ordering from you again have a great day