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asked 12 months ago

I\’m trying to quit smoking (cold turkey) and start vaping. I ordered some 3mg Nectar line e liquid and was wondering how close to the nicotine level in a cigarette is it? Approximately how much would I have to vape to be able to get the same effect as smoking a short.

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Staff answered 12 months ago

Kind greetings! Unfortunately it is impossible to say how much you need to vape as everybody is different. The vast majority of people vape 3mg or 6mg. Most people start a little higher and work their way down. Less than a pack a day, start with 6mg and go down from there.  The higher the nicotine level, the less flavor it will have and be rather harsh. Many people prefer a lower nicotine level (like 3mg-6mg) and just vape more often so they can have a more enjoyable experience.