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asked 11 months ago

Hi I am looking for a smooth transition over from Light Menthol Tobacco Cigarettes to E Vaping. Eventually I will get into the yummy flavors after I have gotten used to not smoking for a while which I would like suggestions to some creamy or berry flavors for that. But initially I would like to know which flavor will give me the most realistic smooth taste of a Light MENTHOL Cigarette (WITH Nicotine) but without tasting like nasty harsh Tobacco?? I have a fairly sensitive taste pallet and I have tried to quit several times and hoping this time sticks! Thanks

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Staff answered 11 months ago

Kind greetings Syreeta,

Welcome to Kind Juice! Come with me on a journey to Tobacco Ridge: https://www.kindjuice.com/tobacco-vape-juice/

Along the journey, you will find the purest Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) flavors from around the world. All of the flavors are PG free which makes them the smoothest you will find anywhere else.
For the flavor seekers, we mix some tobacco with Dark Cherry, Coffee, Bourbon, Honey, and more. Ultimately, I think you will find all that you desire with our freshest Winter’s Harvest menthol flavor. You can even pick up some icy menthol drops to add that cooling experience to any of our flavors.

When you are ready, I will show you the world of Nectars. A tropical, fruity, and decadent experience awaits. 🙂

Stay kind!