Q&ACategory: QuestionsMenthol Drops – How to Use Them.
asked 5 years ago

The advertisement states that you should add 1 to 2 drops. However, it doesn’t tell you if the drops should be put into the tank or the juice bottle. Does anyone know?
Additionally, when I tried to use the live help function on this website, I was ignored. I tried it several times during work day hours and had the same results. Is this typical for this company?

cdwelker0177 replied 10 months ago

Also wondering how to use the menthol drops…

1 Answers
Staff answered 10 months ago

You can mix the menthol drops in the tank or in the bottle. We recommend adding the juice to your tank and then a couple of drops of menthol at a time until you see how much you like. It is very potent so be careful and make sure you keep the lid on at all times. 🙂