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asked 3 years ago

Hey! I’m super excited to try these organic juices! I have an allergy to pineapple. I have looked at several of your item descriptions and cannot find a full ingredients list. Of course, I know to steer clear of anything I see with it on the picture, but I’ve had it pop up in the ingredients list of  a lot of suspecting flavors, scents, etc. Is there a way I can see your ingredients lists, or can you at least tell me which ones do have pineapple?

1 Answers
Staff answered 3 years ago

Kind greetings! We use pure botanical extracts instead of food flavorings that can hide all sorts of ingredients. So if it doesn’t say Pineapple, it will not contain Pineapple. Jungle Juice is the only one I can think of that has Pineapple. Please note on your order that you have a Pineapple allergy just to be safe! Stay kind!