Q&ACategory: QuestionsLipids and lipoid pneumonia from vaping in the news
asked 1 year ago

With all the recent news about lung illnesses and a death caused by vaping, I would like to ask if any of your ingredients contain any lipids that could potentially cause this? From my understanding, the cause of these illnesses were oils (lipids) in the vape juice. However i read one account that the woman, who was a nursing student, had lipoid pneumonia, and doctors claimed it was caused by vegetable glycerin, which was found in her lungs??? I thought VG was not a lipid, and so upon reading this I was confused and alarmed. I can’t be the only one? Thanks in advance
Ashley W

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Staff answered 1 year ago

Kind greetings Ashley, All of our products are lipid free!  In fairness, I think the story you are referring to was debunked. There ARE plant lipids, but most lipids come from animal fat and heavy oils. Either way, we are lipid free vape juice 🙂