Q&ACategory: QuestionsIs there tobacco in these products?
asked 2 years ago

I have a question about your products. I have been using some other brand of menthol vape juice to sooth my nerves and stress. Have a hard time going without the nicotine, for I smoked and heavily enjoyed tobacco products for a portion of my life. I have long quit smoking though, and turned to vaping as an alternative. 
I currently am worried about the state of my teeth and gums, and have been doing research for any safer options in vape liquids, and happened to come across this.
The main cause for my teeth issues (my teeth’s enamel at the gumlines is weakening, causing chipping and browning) is sugar. I am currently restricting my diet, and am trying to cut sugar and carbs out of my diet as much as possible. Lactic acid is exactly what causes this.
Perhaps you can recommend some vape juice with little nicotine as a safer option? I am worried about my teeth, but am having a hard time giving up nicotine knowing that nicotine alone isn’t good for gum health.
Maybe there’s something without nicotine that will help with stress?
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Staff answered 2 years ago

You will be proud to know that we are sugar-free! Your teeth should thank you 🙂
Only the Tobacco Ridge flavors contain actual tobacco.