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asked 4 years ago

Hi,   ive been smoking Eve Green menthol regular – about same nicotine as marlboro light 100 (white box) … would like to try vape/e-cig and gradually cut nicotine down …………Do you sell the vape hardware? ………….frack – the shops confuse me more with all the stuff. … Want something clean (or cleaner)
Would i start with standard nicotine then add menthol drops? Will you help me get started?
Thanks you & kind regards,
Katie – Ventura County CA. 

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Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Katie, 
We dont sell the hardware. I recommend a good sub-ohm tank like Aspire or Wismec. 
Our Tobacco Ridge line is really good for coming off Tobacco because it still has that true tobacco taste. We have menthol flavors or we can sell you menthol drops to add to any flavor. We are always happy to help! Welcome to Kind Juice!