Q&ACategory: QuestionsHave you more disturbator in Europe?and Last which time a new Line for Healthcare vape (kanna,daminia,baldrianende)
asked 2 years ago

WE are in Germany  Zero nicotine vegan vapers(the new Healthcare vegan vapers without chemical,nicotine,and PG) and WE want Order from Europe but vapegreen.uk  dont have all your Juice in 0mg nicotine,have you a other Shop in Europe that WE can Order without Fakes ?in vapegreen is thethe M in the Last 3 Month Out of Stock,WE can Not everytime waiting and waiting and waiting,please help and Check this for europe, and Last question which time come a new Line from you for Healthcare vapers with herbals for healing ,example kanna,damina,Baldrian,???

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Staff answered 2 years ago

Kind greeitngs! VapeGreen and VapeClub have our flavors in the UK. Vapegreen can get you whatever flavor you want, just ask 🙂