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asked 3 months ago

I use new e liquid evolution, with zenith tank innokin, i tried with 1.2, 1, 0.5ohm all below 20w, and still coil burns too soon, do you have suggestion wich vape kid should i use whit all off your liquids, i had cbd elixire too and have the same problems. I like kind juce but i fink i dont have appropriate tank.

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Staff answered 3 months ago

Kind greetings Klemen, We greatly appreciate your feedback as those are both new products. The Innokin tank is a great MTL tank and the .5ohm coil is our recommendation for all of our e-liquids. In the case of the Evolution, they are even thicker than our other e-liquids so you may need to go even lower on the coil ohms and let it saturate a little a longer. You might try a .25ohm – .4ohm coil or even mixing a little 0mg Nectar with it if all else fails. We are constantly improving, as is the coil technology, so I am sure it will be improved soon. Please contact us via email if you are unable to make it work. Thank you again for your feedback.

PS – We also like the Zeus Tank with a .4ohm coil. It comes with a .25ohm also. 🙂