Q&ACategory: QuestionsDoes [sub] element e-gel contain alcohol in the initial steeping/eliquid making process?
asked 4 years ago

I know that the sub-element e-gel drip collection is advertised as being ethyl alcohol free, but on the site description for these products (not the regular nectars, the e-gels) it looks slightly confusing, stating: “Due to the fact that our Nectars contain alcohol we developed an exclusive and rigorous 3 stage steeping process. This unique process involves at least 150+ hours that the e-liquid must go through before being bottled and made available.” Do the sub-element e-gel initially contain ethyl alcohol in the eliquid making process? Even initially? 
Do the flavorings themselves contain ethyl alcohol? If so, how can it be guaranteed that all of the alcohol is no longer remaining?
I am in recovery and undergoing frequent drug testing, and ingesting even tiny amounts of ethyl alcohol could lead me to have a positive test, so knowing if the products contain ethyl alcohol at ANY point during the nectar making process would be important to know, because it would be impossible to guarantee that it was all removed in the steeping process.

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Staff answered 4 years ago

Sorry that section is just on all pages and explains the juice lines. We will remove that on the Sub-Element line. Yes, the Sub-Element lines and the Tobacco Ridge lines are 100% Alcohol free.