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asked 1 year ago

I am new to this and would like a suggestion for what works best. Do you have a specific device that you know works well that I can buy? I’ve looked at your hardware guide and didn’t find it very helpful. I don’t understand half of what it’s talking about and when I try to look it up on the sites that sell the devices I don’t understand it all. I’m currently using Pirates Gold on the SMOK Novo 2. It works but I get fluid in my mouth when I use it and I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen.

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Staff answered 1 year ago

Kind greetings Richard. I am sorry that the guide is so vague, we were trying not to endorse any specific brands. 
For MTL vaping, we like the Aspire Nautilus 2 and the Innokin Zenith tank. Use a .5ohm non-mesh coil at under 20 watts. 
For Sub-Ohm vaping, we like the SMOK Baby beast brother or anything with a .5ohm non-mesh coil at under 40 watts. 
For Pods, you really need a sub-ohm coil. We suggest an AIO (All In One) system over a pod until the coil technology catches up. Valpresso, Innokin, Joytech make some that are small and have a sub-ohm coil. 
Without the right coil, you will be susceptible to leaks, spit back, harsh burning flavor, etc. I hope that helps!