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asked 3 years ago

I saw the answers to previous questions….did not find them to be very helpful.
After all the work put into KIND JUICE one would think your Company would have a really good idea what the best Vape Devices are and which seem to work well with your lines.
I am writing to ask if you now have more informative suggestions as to what devices work best with your Tobacco Ridge Line?
I know a number of people who stopped vaping due to so many problems with various devices, I would like to switch from smoking Organic Tobacco to Vaping.
I don’t want to end up frustrated with a device and giving up on vaping.
If Kind Juice has good info to share on devices, please do let me know.
Thank you, Kevin

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Staff answered 3 years ago

 Kind greetings!  You are right that a bad tank can ruin the experience. We suggest a Sub-Ohm tank and really like the Baby Beast Brother.