Q&ACategory: QuestionsCan an opened product be returned?
asked 3 years ago

Hi. I assume there are no returns for flavors that I really dislike, is that correct? I\’ve purchased 8 bottles from you and I absolutely cannot vape 3 of them, I usually like apple flavors but granny tart apple and teacher\’s pet do not taste very good at all.  Neither does snowbirds cove and it costs me more than just the juice because I had to get rid of the atomizers that these flavors went through also. I will be placing another order for the flavors I know I like but I don\’t know what to do with these 3. I will throw them in the garbage if there are no returns.  Thanks!

1 Answers
Staff answered 3 years ago

Yes, you may return your bottles to us for a store credit 🙂 
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