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asked 1 year ago

I need help with getting a vaporizer that will work correctly with the VG in the Turkish Sultan blend! I know what vape juice I want but I’m unsure of how/where I can get the vape setup??  Do you sell the entire setups at Kind Juice???  Thank you for your help and time!  I was a V2 user for years and then they went out of business and I ended up stuck with a bunch of cartridge tanks and batteries that are all obsolete, recently I’ve just been using Pro Logic Toasted Tobacco flavor.  But I’ve been trying to find a company that I can buy my hardware and juice from and start filling my own tanks instead of wasting money on these disposable cartridges, not to mention they’re $8-$9 for 2 cartridges!  If you’re able to help me out, that would be awesome, please get back to me asap so I can begin building my vape setup!
Thank you for your help I appreciate it!
-Adrian Smith

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Staff answered 1 year ago

Check out our hardware guide here: https://www.kindjuice.com/vaping-101/vaping-hardware-guide/
The important thing is that you have a good coil. We recommend .2ohm-.5ohm non-mesh coil at under 40watts.