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asked 11 months ago

Hello, I am coming off cigars. Vaping is going to get me there. I LOVE your Key West Sunset, and the purity of your products. I have been ordering the 6mg nicotine level. What I would like to do is order some of your nicotine, because of the purity, and then mix it myself with your flavored 0mg VG products. That way I can step down more slowly instead of dropping from 6mg down to 3mg.  Can you sell me some of your nicotine?
The second question: I know it is in part trial and error, but is there an ideal setup in terms of ohms, wattage, and/or temperature that you have found that works best for 100% VG?
Thank you

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Staff answered 11 months ago

Kind greetings! Thank you for your Kind words! Have you tried Viva la Libertad? It is our Cuban seed tobacco vape 🙂
Unfortunately, we do not sell pure nicotine for DIY. I would suggest getting a 6mg and a 3mg and mixing them.
Our juice is designed for Sub-Ohm vaping, meaning under 1ohm coils. The ideal setup is around a .5ohm coil and about 30 watts. If you go less on the ohms, you can go higher on the wattage. .25ohm coils are nice too! Your preference and experience may differ.