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Premium and All-Natural Ingredients, this is our flagship line. The original E-Nectar is still the best vape juice and features award winning fruity flavors that work well with any glass tank. Get ready to be in vaping paradise!


If you enjoy the classic taste of granny smith apples then pucker up for this one and enjoy the original flavor of tarty green apples.

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Roasted espresso beans covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with crystalized orange peel. *Specially formulated for RBA’s and Sub-Ohm Tanks* Check Detail
Our Pro Series E-Gels give an optimum vapor experience without compromising taste, quality, and performance. 100% Alcohol Free and Max VG for Huge Clouds! *Ultra viscous gel for use in RBA’s and sub-ohm tanks only.
Whole-leaf tobaccos from around the world. Our Turkish, Cuban, and American leaves are brewed for 8 weeks and aged for 4 months. We guarantee it to be the smoothest and most accurate flavor N.E.T. Tobacco vape juice you have ever tried.

Tobacco Ridge Pick 5

Description Pick 5 of our award winning tobacco vape juices. These are sure to be the best vape juice you have tried and will make a great gift to any tobacco connoisseur

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Our Exclusive Process

Always PG Free, GMO Free, All-Natural


Kind Juice’s All-Natural VG is produced from plants grown without the use of pesticides and extracted naturally to preserve the natural integrity. Using a process called hydrolysis, plant oils are placed under the combined force of pressure, temperature, and water. The ester bond breaks and causes the glycerin to split from fatty acids and be absorbed by water; at which point the resultant is further isolated by distillation to increase purity. This makes our vape juice produce huge clouds and of course, keeps it all-natural!


The nicotine we source for our vape juice comes from domestically grown and harvested USA tobacco crops. These crops are ethically grown and raised by the tobacco farmer without the use of pesticides, growth control agents and or herbicides resulting in a very pure and natural tobacco. The leaves are then harvested and prepared for the nicotine extraction process.

The botanical matter is then put through a process called Supercritical Fluid Extraction or (SFE). This extraction process is completely free of chemicals/solvents and uses a Cold/Closed refinement technology to shield from heat, light, and oxygen. The result is an ultra pure, diacetyl free, clear nicotine that produces a much smoother, clean flavor. Our vape juice products have extended shelf life due to the absence of destabilizing impurities while providing a consistently rich full-flavor profile.


Our All Natural Flavor Concentrates are, Kosher, Vegan, Gluten and Allergen Free. These natural flavors are extracted without the use of harsh solvents and using only natural ethyl alcohol (derived from sugar cane) and RO (Reverse Osmosis) water. These natural flavors contain no sugar or calories and are wheat/gluten-free. Our Wild Botanical extracts are cold-processed using a multi-stage extraction process yielding a highly concentrated extract. They contain no sugar or calories and are wheat/gluten-free.

American Made – Florida Grown

About Kind Juice

We start from scratch hand selecting and sourcing the finest all Natural raw ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. We begin the crafting process producing our vape juice in small batches to ensure quality and consistency from batch to batch. Imparting that true Artisanal taste that can only come from a skilled and dedicated crafter. Exquisitely tasteful and full of complex flavor tones our best vape juice is perfect for the vapor enthusiast looking for a pure vapor experience.

We here at Kind Juice believe in honesty and full transparency on all levels. Our core foundation was built upon providing uncompromised high quality products that re-introduce a more harmonious relationship between nature and humans. For thousands of years mankind has called upon the earth for protection, sustenance, healing, and life itself. Our plant based ingredients are hand crafted with love and dedication to produce some of the finest and best vape juice around. Experience artisan tastes direct from nature’s garden straight to you.

See Why People Call US The Best Vape Juice

Customer Reviews

by Dani on KindJuice guys rock

Thank you so much for always providing awesome service, fast shipping, and delicious nectar that prevents me from losing my cool and throat punching people in stressful situations. You don't just sell e-liquids, you save lives.

by Duhayan on KindJuice
Well executed delicate flavor

This juice is absolutely well done. The inhale has a sweet and fruity taste and a refreshing exhale of jasmine that is not overwhelming but just right and balanced with the plum. This is my favorite juice of all KJ awesome flavors. Its definitely an all day vape everyone who tries it falls in love with the flavor and can't stop using my juice!

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